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THERMOPAINT heat resistant utra slim insulator +350C

1.1 l
3.5 l
  • Features
    Heat resistant
Price includes tax 21%.
The indicated price is valid ordering till 03.03.2024.

Excellently thin thermal insulation for insulation of walls, roofs, floors, building foundations, window boxes, metal constructions as well as liquidation of cold „bridges”. Recommended for providing thermal insulation of boiler house, hot and cold water pipes, conditioners, tanks, containers etc. When applied on metal, limits its corrosion, prevents condensation. Covering of heat resistance up to 350°С.

CONTENT AND USAGE: Product is intended for surfaces that are subject to the temperature up to 350°С thermo insulation. High temperature resistance is gained by a special heat resistant binder and additives that protect the coating from degradation under high temperatures influence. Thermo insulating effect is gained due to the contained ceramic microspheres with low thermal conductivity and high heat dissipation capacity. 

Especially suitable for concrete and mineral surfaces. Can also be used on a metal surface if 3 or more layers are applied and interleaf drying is observed.

It is necessary to mix well before usage with a low speed, up to 100 rpm, mixer. Stir should be done with low speed not to disrupt microspheres.

It is recommended to use as a thermo insulation for boilers, heating boilers, hot technological surfaces, devices and mechanisms in order to protect personnel from burns.

USAGE: Colouring surface should be clean, application is carried out with a brush or other suitable tool. It’s recommended to apply at least 3 layers observing drying of interleafs (12 hours). If well absorbing surface is treated, it should be prior primed with heat resistant prime STAFOR. Mix well before use. Possible a partial thickening or delamination, with mixing, will get a working consistency.

CONSUMPTION: With 1l it’s possible to cover 1-2m² in 3 layers.

STORAGE: May not freeze. Store in hermetically closed package. Storage time – see the label. 

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