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THERMOPAINT ultra slim insulator +110?C

1.1 l
10 l
3.5 l
    Price includes tax 21%.
    The indicated price is valid ordering till 03.03.2024.

    Thin heat insulation for insulating building constructions in places where traditional insulation materials are difficult to use – window boxes, walls behind heating radiators, seams of panel buildings, metal constructions, heating pipes, hot and cold water supply pipes, coldness „bridges”, avoiding originating of condensate etc. Coating inheres increased adhesion to metal and it limits its corrosion.

    CONTENT AND USAGE: The product is intended for creating heat insulating coating on different services. Unique product features are increased adhesion at different surfaces, high coating flexibility. Thermo insulating effect is gained due to the contained ceramic microspheres with low thermal conductivity and high heat dissipation ratio. 

    Especially recommended for usage on metal surfaces since thermo paint has excellent adhesiveness to metal, high flexibility and anti-corrosion features. If well absorbent surface is to be painted (concrete, plaster, bricks etc.) it is recommended to be prior primed with STAFOR deep primer. Possible application examples:

    • Metal constructions – liquidation of coldness „bridges”, protection from corrosion, avoiding originating of condensate and decreasing heat loss in buildings.
    • Heating and hot water supply pipes – decreasing of heat loss and protection from corrosion.
    • Cold water supply pipes – protection from corrosion and avoiding originating of condensate.
    • Air ducts and pipes of conditioning systems – avoiding originating of condensate, protection from heating/cooling and corrosion.
    • Metal roofs protection from corrosion, overheating and for decreasing heat loss. 
    • Metal hangars, garages, tanks, trailers, refrigerators, road transport, boats.
    • Wet premises – battle against condensation and mold. The product serves as a heat insulation and moisture protection membrane.
    • Building caps, basement walls, window and door frames, loggias, balconies – for decreasing the heat loss, liquidation of coldness „bridges” and extra waterproofing. 

    USAGE: The surface that should be painted must be clean, paint is applied using a brush or other proper tool. It is recommended to apply at least 3 layers observing the interleaf drying (12 hours). If well absorbent surface is treated, it should be prior primed with the deep primer STAFOR. Mix well before use. Possible a partial thickening or delamination, with mixing, will get a working consistency.

    CONSUMPTION: 1l is enough to coat 1-2m² in 3 layers.

    STORAGE: Keep away from freezing. Store in hermetically closed package. Storage time – see the package. 

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